Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunscreen for kids

A healthy child is an active child, especially on a sunny day, play outdoors, for example in the garden, very pleasant for them as well for us to see it, but we as parents should be alert to the dangers that could befall our children. What I mean is the danger of the sun, it must be admitted, we need sunlight to make vitamin D, but when exposed to sunlight for too long was also not good.

Telling children to play outdoors only 15/30 minutes, something that is not possible, they would reject the idea, so we have to provide protection for our children, with sunscreen.

We want to give our kids the best for them, as well as in terms of protection against the sun, we will provide the best products for them. The best sunscreen for kids must meet the following requirements:

1. Do not poignant eyes of a child
 we must pay attention to sunscreen ingredients that we will give to our children, because          sunscreens are made from chemicals make eyes pains, use sunscreen that is  made from natural ingredients.

2.  water resistant
because children tend to be more active(making them more sweating), it is recommended to wear   sunblock that  water resistant and reapplied after a couple hours.

3. Sensitive skin
because children are still young, then only use a sunscreen that is intended for sensitive skin.

4.non nano

 do not use the material already shaped nano minerals, because it can be absorbed by the skin and   causes a cancer. wear sunblock the mineral material in the form of micro particles.

5.Vitamin E
Vitamin E is needed to counteract the side effects of sunscreen on our skin.

6.Vitamin D
Sunscreen blocks the sun's rays onto our body so that our body can not produce vitamin D, we need to know vitamin D is important for preventing cancer and improving our immune to the disease, and how we get vitamin D is best is through sunlight, then we need to sunbathe 20 minutes every 2 days. should sunbathe before 10 am.

Only sunblock that is made from natural ingredients that are safe to use by your kids. use sunscreen made from pure zinc oxide.